Basic Configuration

The WoWmod have an extreme amount of functions and features. It is easy to get lost or give up when you can't use to mod to its best potential. Therefore, we are here providing you with information about how to get you proper set up and configured for the mod.

We have prepared an example config file. You can download that here. Open the file with notepad, and edit the key binds as you please. Place the file in your CSGO config folder, this is usually located here: C:\Program Files (x32)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike: Global Offensive\cfg.

When you are done editing the file, you can run with with console command: exec wowmod. Don't know how to open console? Go here. If you are playing normal CSGO and want to revert to normal binds, you can download normal.cfg and place it in your CSGO config folder. And then run this console command: exec normal. The easiest way to do this, is also with binds. So you can by example bind it like this: Open console and type: bind KP_ENTER "exec wowmod" and KP_PLUS "exec normal". Then when you press the enter key on the numpad on right side of your keyboard, you are loading the wowmod keybinds, and when you press + on your numpad you are loading the normal binds in CSGO.