When you first enter the server, you should get a prompt of what class you would like to play. If you dont get the question, you could type wcmenu in chat. If you select wrong class, you can type changerace in chat, and then create another character. Then you can select new class by typing wcmenu again.
When you enter the server for the first time, you download all the sounds for the mod, but you also need to rebuild your audio cache. You can do this by typing snd_rebuildaudiocache in console.
Gear can be bought in the shop (Menu 1-1 in wcmenu) or by random drop from the server. The server drops random gear. So the gear might not fit your class. You can also craft gear for yourself, you need to select a crafting profession and buy patterns in the shop. You also need to farm the materials to craft gear. So then you would also need a farming profession that matches your crafting profession. Or have different characters with different professions.
Gold is the elite currency of the mod. Gold can be earned by selling high tier gear you have in auction or directly to players. You also get 0.1 gold from the server now and then for being active. You can also donate for gold. $1 donation equals 1 gold. You can do that here.
You need some time to get used to the crafting system. First of all, you should consider what type of crafting you want to do. Then you should select a farming profession for that crafting profession. You would need a lot of reagents (materials for crafting) to make some gear and level the crafting profession.
You can go on the item direcly via inventory and then go to next page on the item and press Post on Auction. Or you can go to Auctions menu under wcmenu -1 - 4. And then Create new.
You can bind spells by typing bind #KEY "spell #" in console. where #KEY represents the key you want to bind to a spell, and spell # represents the number of the spell in the spellbar. You can also use wc_spellid instead of spell, then it uses the SpellID and not the number of the spell in your spellbar. You can find the SpellID in your SpellBook.
When treasure spawns, you can find them at select locations on the map. Some might be hard to get, others fairly easy. When you are about to open a treasure chest, you would need 8-16 seconds of time without any interaction with any spells. If you get attacked, the timer stops. Also if you cast a spell, the timer stops.