Quickstart guide

Welcome to WoWmod dear player!

When you first enter the server you will be questioned with what class you would like to select. If you are not prompted, just write wcmenu in chat. Please refer to the class section in the WoWmod user manual for more information about each class. You can create as many characters with different classes as you want. So if you select a class you don't like that much here, you can change whenever you want to. You can join as spectator so that you can have some peace figuring out this.

After you have selected class, you can just begin to play and get XP. You should also get to know the command WCMENU, which is the main menu of the mod.When you get up in levels, you will learn new spells! The you can access your spellbar with your USE key (Default: E). This is also a key to open buy menu in spawn, so this can be a bit annoying. The best way to use spells is to make "binds", so that you can use like F, C, X, Mousebuttons etc as keys to cast spells directly without using the spellbar. Please refer to the Basic Config for more information about binding keys.

WoWmod also has its own soundpack. But you need to reload the audio cache on your client to hear the sounds. Write this command in console: snd_rebuildaudiocache

When you get up in higher levels, you should have figured out the most. Visit the manuals page if you are still wondering about anything. Or you can ask other players that are playing the mod. Don't be afraid to ask any admins about help, we are here to help you! You will recognize admins with the "DevilsNest" clan tag.