Crafting in WoWmod

In WoWmod there are thousands of items. And there are crafting capabilities. You can craft gear for yourself or for other players. You can find Crafting under Professions. You need to craft gear to level your crafting profession. The higher tier gear you craft, the higher chance of leveling your crafting profession. You need to farm materials to be able to craft gear/jewelries. Have a look at Farming to see how that is done.

For higher tier crafting, like 73epic, 78epics, 80legendaries and so on you will need to get patterns. Epic patterns drop now and then to random people.You can even get them from Boss events or Treasure chests. You can sell or buy the patterns you get. You can also sometimes find patterns in the auction house. If the bots get patterns, they usually put them out on the auction house.