Events in WoWmod

Boss Event - In this event, you all need to work together as a team! You would need tanks and healers working together in a perfect harmony! This event will begin when there are enough and high enough players on the server. Players need to be at least leve 73+ with full epic gearing to actually be able to do anything at all towards the boss. 2-3 fully geared priests for healing each tank is recommended. Wach out for threat! Healers take a whole lot of threat! Drops from killing the boss, is usually 1-3 high tier epic/legendary drops! Randomly dropped to the participants. This is usually the most popular event. So here you can expect full servers, so if we have announced this event, you should be early on the server to be able to join this server.


HnS Event - Hide and Seek event! The last man standing wins! Everyone is required to use a rogue with stealth! Find a perfect spot that the seekers wont find! And hide with rogue invisibility! If the seekers find you, you lose. If they dont find you, or you are one of the last ones still standing, you win! Drops from winning this event can be XP, Gold, Silver or epic gear/patterns!


DM Event - Recurring every full hour for 10 minutes. Deathmatch with increased drop rate on everything! Including treasure chests! Also increased XP gain!

Treasure Hunt Event - Spawn rate of treasures is extremely high! Randomly started events from admins!