Features and Functions in WoWmod

Function Short information of the function
Crafting Create gear for selling or yourself. You need patterns that you can get in drops
Spellcasting Cast negative spells on enemies or positive spells on teammates.
Leveling Earn XP as you play. Level up to 85.
Classes WoWmod has 9 classes for you to choose between. You can have up to 15 characters. So enough for at least one of each class!
Talents Spec your character-class as you like! By example Holy Priest or Shadow Priest.
Mailing Send gear you have crafted, silver, gold or any other items that are not soulbound to other players, or between your characters!
Auction Put items/gear you have found or crafted up for Auction! Highest bidder wins! Or set an Buyout price.
Events Regular events or special events. Like BOSS MODE, Hide and Seek or Treasure Hunt. There are also Deathmatch every hour. Lasting 10 minutes. (Not yet enabled)
Treasures Sometimes there are spawning TREASURES! Treasures can contain Gear/Recipes for crafting, XP or Silver
Professions You can have up to 2 professions on each character. You also need to level the professions to create high tier gear, or farm high tier materials. Skill level goes up to 300.
Items An item base with over 148 thousand lines of information. Gear, Recipes, Materials and Glyphs