Professions in WoWmod

There are 8 different professions to select from! Be aware, different professions give different bonuses to each of the class. So be sure to read the table below on what Professions gives what bonuses to which classes. So that you get the extra bonuses!

Professions have its own leveling system. Farming professions are being leveled automatically while you farm materials. While crafting professions you need to level yourself. When you craft a piece, there is a percentage chance that you level up the professions. The higher tier gear, the higher the chance!

Profession Type Armor type Bonuses
Leatherworking Crafting Leather and Cloth  
Blacksmithing Crafting Plate  
Jewelcrafting Crafting Jewelry  
Mining Farming Plate and Jewelry  
Tailoring Farming Leather and Cloth  
Enchanting Crafting Enchants  
Inscription Scrollmaking Enchants  
Herbalist Crafting    
Herbalism Farming